Breathe Easy Chattanooga


PHIC’s flagship program, Breathe Easy Chattanooga, is tackling the widespread issue of asthma by establishing a standard of care and communication for the Hamilton County School System.


IT's a major health risk for children! 

In Tennessee alone:

  • More than 140,000 children have asthma
  • It is the third leading cause of hospitalizations among children. 
  •  Between 2006 and 2010, 23 children died as a result of asthma
  • Asthma is the number one reason children miss school and adults miss work.


Children spend more time at school than any other place besides their home. School based healthcare means bringing care to your child in the most convenient way possible. Partnerships with local pediatricians and schools allow your child to receive all levels of care, whether they are suffering from a sudden illness like an earache or the flu, or dealing with a chronic condition like asthma. Your child can receive care during school hours and, if you would like to attend, the appointment can be scheduled around your needs. School based clinics are your neighborhood resource, closer than the ER or urgent care clinic.


We ensure that your pediatrician has the most up-to-date information about asthma and the resources to provide the best care for your child. We also work to open the lines of communication, creating easy access to everything you need to know about your child’s care whenever you need it.



Care coordination is organized around you and your child. One nurse is responsible for keeping your child safe, healthy, and learning. Each care coordinator identifies what prevents your child from receiving necessary services. We coordinate families, schools, healthcare providers, and insurance companies to remove those barriers. 

Delivering Healthcare

PHIC is partnering with schools and healthcare providers to develop stand-alone clinics as well as access to telemedicine. At the clinics, a Nurse Practitioner takes care of everything from a quick asthma check up to a severe asthma attack. In other schools, telemedicine offers school nurses the ability to video conference and consult with off-site Nurse Practitioners. These resources keep your child in school and out of the ER.

Developing Nurse Infrastructure

PHIC supports school nurses, providing necessary resources and training.


PHIC’s ultimate goal is to fill in the gaps in the pediatric healthcare system and ensure that every child in the Chattanooga region receives the regular and necessary care to manage their health. We work with community leaders to identify needs and partner with community groups to provide for those needs effectively.


Asthma Handout

Asthma Management Form

Telemedicine Handout

Telemedicine Registration Packet