Local Families Have a Voice in Children’s Health

Local Families Have a Voice in Children’s Health

As the Pediatric Healthcare Improvement Coalition Announces

The Tennessee Valley Pediatric Health Week

March 3rd through March 6th

 Chattanooga, TN - The Pediatric Healthcare Improvement Coalition for the Tennessee Valley (PHIC-TV) is releasing the announcement of four regional Pediatric Health Forums.  These open meetings will invite the public to comment on personal experience with local health services for children in the Tennessee Valley (Southeast Tennessee, North Alabama, North Georgia and South Western North Carolina).

The first week of March will be the Tennessee Valley Pediatric Health Week .  PHIC-TV will have four public listening forums in Alton Park, East Side, Dalton and Hixson.  These will be meetings driven by the attendees.  The focus will be perceived barriers to good health, areas of local health success and elements we must have to meet the needs for our future.

The Alton Park Forum will be at the Bethlehem Center on Monday, March 3rd at 7PM.  The Dalton, Georgia forum will be at the Mack Gaston Community Center on Tuesday, March 4th at 7PM.  The East Side and East Lake forum will be held at East Side Elementary School on Thursday, March 6th at 4PM.  And, the Hixson forum will be held at DuPont Elementary School on Thursday, March 6th at 7PM.  Everyone is welcome to attend any of the forums.  Forums will not be limited to the immediate neighborhood community.

The purpose of the forums is to reach out to all families, especially those who utilize a significant amount of pediatric health resources.  We want to listen to the individual triumph, success, challenges, barriers and dreams for the future as families look to our local pediatric delivery of care.  We also want to hear the community’s view of barriers to good public health in general.

The Pediatric Health Improvement Coalition of the Tennessee Valley (PHIC-TV) is an organization that is working to improve the health of all children in our region.  This organization is dedicated to breaking down barriers to our children to effective and innovative healthcare.  Please support the ongoing work of PHIC-TV by getting more information at healthychattanoogakids.blogspot.com or following on Twitter @PHIC_TV.

R. Allen Coffman, Jr., MD, FAAP

President, Pediatric Healthcare Improvement Coalition or the TN Valley

Pediatrician, Highland Pediatrics


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